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Dear Students,

We very much hope that you and your families are well.

In accordance with the decision of Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK), we started digital online education on 23rd March 2020 in all post-graduate programs at Yeditepe University, Graduate School of Health Sciences. As Yeditepe University administration, all professors and officers, we have been working hard to ensure that your education is as complete as possible during the compulsory break due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Yeditepe University Senate had a meeting on 09.04.2020 and prepared a road map on processing of online education, exams and unperformed laboratory and clinical practicals. According to this plan, it is envisaged that educational programs will return to normal within June, and then final exams and intensified clinical training will be undertaken.

We would like to give you a summary of the work done, online services and planning at the Graduate School of Health Sciences:

  • Post-graduate courses are delivered online by using various digital services such as Google Meet and Classroom, Teams, Zoom, Skype and e-mails
  • As YÖK recommended, Laboratory applications and particularly clinical training on patients in Dentistry post-graduate programs will be compensated when returned to normal working schedule in the summer
  • An intensified program of laboratory and clinical education will be provided in the summer as an extension of the Spring term
  • For students in the Dentistry programs, compulsory credits for clinical training & education will be re-evaluated and determined in view of the availability of patients and training status of students
  • Seminars and journal club studies will continue online
  • Students will be able to present their homework and projects online
  • Midterm exams may be performed by online evaluation of homework and presentations in accordance with the decision of professors
  • We plan to perform the final exams when we return to normal working conditions
  • Thesis Follow Up Committee evaluations can be done online
  • Jury formation process for thesis defense and PhD qualifying exams is ongoing; and exams are organized at online platforms where other students and faculty members can also follow
  • For students in final part of thesis projects, experimental, clinical studies and data collection by questionnaire in the field has been interrupted by the pandemic. Enrollment deferral has been applied just for the Spring 2020 term (as YÖK recommended) in cooperation with the students and their supervisors (Note that this enrollment deferral procedure is done only for the students in their final part of thesis project)
  • Students at thesis phase are advised to prepare for projects together with their supervisors
  • Please note that you can apply to clinical ethics board and animal ethics committee that your applications will be processed online

We strongly recommend all our post-graduate students to benefit from ongoing online lectures and academic activities, read a large number of freely accessible digital journals and books, prepare for ethical application forms and thesis proposals, analyze the data if you have completed your experiments, write up your thesis and prepare for scientific publication.

Wish you success in your studies, stay safe and healthy.

Prof. Dr. Bayram Yılmaz

Yeditepe University


Graduate School of Health Sciences