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Yeditepe University Graduate School of Health Sciences was established in 1999. Prof. Dr. A. Mübin Soyman was the director of the institute between 01.10.1999-01.11.2007, and Prof. Dr. R. Selçuk Yılmaz served from 01.11.2007 to 31.10.2013. Prof. Dr. Bayram Yılmaz was appointed on 01.11.2013 and continues as the director to the current day. After its foundation, the graduate school of health sciences was located within the School of Dentistry building on Bağdat Street in Göztepe, and moved to Yeditepe University main campus (26 August Campus) on Kayışdağı Street in March 2014.

Distinguished academics from Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Health Sciences participate in 28 MSc and 12 PhD programs at 23 graduate school departments. To date (01.01.2017), a total of 526 students (363 MSc and 160 PhD) have graduated from the institute.

Yeditepe University has excellent research infrastructure and offers postgraduate education at international standards in health sciences. MSc and PhD holders from Yeditepe University Graduate School of Health Sciences continue to lead research and provide clinical service at a variety of institutions in several countries. At present, a total of 815 MSc and PhD students are pursuing their postgraduate education at our institute. Of these candidates, about 7% are international students from 10 different countries.