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Institute of Health Sciences 2021 Fall semester Science-Interview Exams will be held on Wednesday, 08 September 2021, as announced below.

Institute of Health Sciences Science-Interview Exams
Master's and Doctoral Program In Dentomaxillofacial Radiology meet.google.com/rxk-gmjx-pxe 10:00
Master's and Doctoral Program In Pharmaceutical Chemistry https://meet.google.com/dca-arhn-amw 10:00
Master's and Doctoral Program In Pharmaceutical Toxicology http://meet.google.com/cxz-vbdp-qsx 14.00
Master's Program In Phytotheraphy and Doctoral Program In Pharmacognosy meet.google.com/vft-zwwa-keg 10.00
Master’s and Doctoral Program In Physiology meet.google.com/ebz-hhpc-cai 10:00
Master’s Program In Public Health meet.google.com/ois-cqjw-nwq 10:00
Master's Program In Clinical Pharmacy meet.google.com/yuc-emmt-vxo 11:00
Master's Program In Cosmetology https://meet.google.com/amp-hjpb-iyy 10.00
Master's and Doctoral Program In Molecular Medicine https://meet.google.com/mgt-xejb-msk 09:30
Master's and Doctoral Program In Periodontology https://meet.google.com/xcq-rsum-chw 14:45
Master's and Doctoral Program In Restorative Dentistry https://meet.google.com/yhq-qzhf-puz 10:00
Master’s Program In Medical Physics meet.google.com/cuc-zock-udz 10:00
Doctoral Program In Neuroscience meet.google.com/ddk-mpum-vkm 12:00

Science-Interview exams of our dentistry programs will be held online only for foreign students. Face-to-face Science-Interview exams will be held at our Faculty of Dentistry at 10 am for Turkish candidates.