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In today's digital culture, plagiarism, like everything else, is done online. Originality Check, to academics; helps students check their work against inappropriate quotations or possible plagiarism by comparing them with the world's most sensitive text comparison database. Turnitin platform; It provides determination of similarity of resource types such as thesis, homework, project and book. Our academics who have the obligation to teach can use the platform. Our academics who do not have a turnitin account can send their requests by sending an e-mail to nurhan.kabakulak@yeditepe.edu.tr


One of the most important points to be considered in thesis uploads is to select the "NO REPOSITORY" option. Otherwise, the loading of the thesis for the second time will have a conflict problem and the similarity will be 100%. In order to prevent this from happening, "NO REPOSITORY” option must be selected from Turnitin's homework settings.


 In the student assignments, "Standard Repository" should be selected. At this point, if the student has a conflict with his / her homework, the instructor can create a new report by removing the sources showing the conflict from the filtering panel if he / she is confident about the source shown and does not see any plagiarism. How to extract the overlapping resources from the similarity ratio is presented in the link video guide for your valuable opinions.


Click here for the teacher guide you will use for resource upload


If you want to upload your homework from the Turnitin system directly to your students, click here for a guide on how to load your students into Turnitin.


If you want to upload an assignment to Turnitin via the COADSYS (moodle) system, you can send an e-mail to betul.kurt@yeditepe.edu.tr for detailed information.


If you have online training requests about the Turnitin system, we will be happy to help. You can send your training requests and questions to nurhan.kabakulak@yeditepe.edu.tr


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