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Foundation: The Master's Program in Toxicology was established in September 2017.

Objective: The aim of this program is to provide competent pharmaceutical toxicologists capable of designing and directing successfully high-level pharmaceutical toxicology research projects using their substantive knowledge on living systems and environmental health, in addition to their expertise in the use of modern techniques and sophisticated equipment that biology or pharmaceutical toxicology could require.

A student that successfully completes this program should: be informed of the latest scientific data in pharmaceutical toxicology and discuss them; analyze the impact of drugs, chemicals and natural products on living organisms using in vivo or in vitro techniques; elucidate toxicological mechanisms in a cellular, biochemical and molecular level; determine toxic and threshold doses; have knowledge of poisoning and antidotes; isolate, analyze samples from various environments and carry out a risk assessment process for their use and solve problems using analytical tools and bibliographic data.

Language of Instruction: %100 English