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History: The Pharmacology Doctoral Program began offering education within the Institute of Health Sciences of Yeditepe University in 2017.

Goal: The program will include research and applications related to the science of pharmacology, including:

-General concepts of pharmacology.

-Pharmacological tests and evaluations necessary to determine the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic potentials of newly synthesized drug active substances, other chemical substances, and plant-based products.

-Research and development on the rapid and effective screening of chemical substances with potential drug activity through various screening methods.

-Research and applications on the specific pharmacological effects and actions that occur in body organs through various test methods.

-Research and applications on the pharmacological effects of drugs and chemical substances on living systems.

-Evaluation of the efficacy, effectiveness, and safety of drugs and alternative therapeutic agents, medical devices.

-Research and epidemiological and clinical evaluation of the pharmacological profiles of chemical substances that may be drug candidates.

-Experimental research and development on the pharmacological evaluation of drugs in the preclinical stage.

-Research and development on the efficacy and safety evaluations of drugs in clinical phase studies.

Qualification Awarded: Upon successful completion of the program with all requirements met, graduates will receive a Doctorate degree in the field of Pharmacology.

Language: 100% English